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Diese Seite enthält das historische Dokument "rpgmaker95faq.doc", das von Aspetra in seiner Rolle als Doc Writer und Community Manager für KanjiHack erstellt wurde. Diese Version .3 der FAQ wurde am 24. Dezember 1998 veröffentlicht. In folgender Kopie wurden Rechtschreibfehler korrigiert und Formatierungen angepasst. Das Original-Dokument kann über die Wayback Machine bezogen werden.[1]

  1. Original-Dokument "rpgmaker95faq.doc" (Archivierte Version vom 4. März 2000)

Welcome to the Version .3 of my F.A.Q (If you could call it that anymore.) and other needless things. :) Please enjoy. - Aspetra


I would like to give thanks out to certain people that helped me out over time.
Ch33s3 for bringing me into Kanji Hack for a great experience, and being a great friend.
TNomad for always being devoted to his work, he is very inspiring.
DocWily for his hard work put towards Reviews and creating RPG95 games.
RPG Advocate for creating some of the most best RPG Maker 95 games so far, and doing reviews.
Talon of MercuryNet for without him the IRC Channel would not be possible.
CGIForme for creating great scripts to use, like the WWWBoard.
Animeman for helping me out with the WWWBoard.
Perefin for continued support of KanjiHack, and bringing the scene up a bit.
And anyone else i may of forgot of, you know who you are. :)

Current Game List

In this section i will list off all the games released on RPG Maker 95 and where you can get them at, right now all of them are available at the Offical KanjiHack RPG Maker 95 Vault which is ran by RPG Gurus at: http://members.xoom.com/rmgurus/

  • Xero Factor
  • Little Buddy
  • Barnespa
  • Angel's Song
  • Mirrinali
  • Dawn of Darkness
  • Asyla
  • Atlantis Dreams
  • Pokemon : Team Rockets Revenge
  • Hello RPG
  • Fallen Angels
  • Silver Thread
  • The Misadventures of Ed
  • TTT
  • Project Dreamer
  • Good and Evil
  • Star Dust
  • Sam the Flea Warrior
  • Sacred Sword
  • Lost Fantasys
  • Hand of Fate
  • Honorable Direction 1
  • Yue's Misadventures
  • Legacy
  • Dragon Eye
  • Star Gazer
  • Shade
  • FFIIa
  • Black Rain 2
  • Phylomortis
  • Kilan's Quest
  • Zodiac Lagoon


Now this is where i put questions that i always get asked, and here is my answers and responses to them all, seeing i get the same question 50 times i originally decided to start a F.A.Q and as you see it spawned other ideas. :)

Q.Where is UNLHA32.DLL!?
A. Okay this seems to be the most asked question i get. Right now i myself am not positive getting this file will fix your problems, but you are able to get a copy at RPG Gurus: http://members.xoom.com/rmgurus/

Q. I try to create a new game, but get some window in Japanese!
A. I have been asked this one a lot too, it seems the problem to this is your supposed to put the extract directory to C:\ not C:\RPG95 because of the faked settings.

Q. Where can i get RPG95 now that RPG-Haven is down?
A. Well you can easily go to RPG Gurus like i have said before they supply all the stuff you need to get started.

Q. How do I patch the game?
A. Well you basically read the directions that come with the patch it explains pretty much EVERYTHING. :)

Q. How do you use switches?
A. Well it is kinda confusing for some people so please bear with me. Suppose you wanted to talk to a guy in a street and have him give you something then die and never appear there again, then you would want to create an event and set his pic and the stuff he would do. (The text, give item command and so forth) Then click the next page button and set the switch number to whatever is free. (Example: 000) Leave the pic alone, and have it do nothing, go back to page one of the event and put the last event as switch 000 on, and the event page you called 000 will now trigger, play the game to test and make sure it worked.

Q. How do animations work?
A. Well this is a broad question and could mean many things so i will try to answer all the types of animations. First there is the character animations which only have 2 animations for each direction the character pics face, in the game the animation is always going, in order to edit them you need a BMP editor which almost everyone with Win95/98 have called Paintbrush. Then there is the Cut-scenes which are a series of pics placed together to form an animated movie, you need a special AVI maker for this, i do not know where to get one, i have heard of a copy at: http://members.xoom.com/rmgurus/

Q. How do I keep my game from sucking hard?
A. Well this is an easy answer for some people to answer themselves but people that recently released games like Barnespa and Xero Factor do not know this.

  1. An original idea will always get you far.
  2. Challenges and puzzles are one of the best things to an element of an RPG, Phylomortis comes to mind when i say this.
  3. Good language and proper Grammar is always a good way to impress the gamers and viewers. Always make sure you do not type dialogue like this: "U r the last 1!" Barnespa comes to mind when saying this.
  4. Good clean game, try to keep out as many bugs as possible and try to make sure when you release a beta that it is long and can give people a good idea of the final product, also releasing 20 betas in 2 weeks is a bad idea. :)


This section is to help you decide on what to download and what not to download. Hopefully in the future i can get more reviews into this but for now this is all i could get. All reviews are done by RPG Advocate so do NOT e-mail me to review your games.

[Dimensional warrior]

Story (36/40)
Dimensional Warrior has a very interesting story. The dimensions that come together to create reality are unraveling, and you've got to find out why and correct the problem. The introduction is very well done. The only problem seems to be flat dialogue in some places, especially the opening castle. Hopefully, the characters will have more interesting things to say in the next beta.

Graphics (5/10)
Using the battle backgrounds for the introduction was a very clever idea. Unfortunately, the in-game graphics aren't really all that spectacular. Particularly problematic is the endless grassy field that awaits after you leave the castle.

Music (10/15)
For the most part, music is well-chosen, especially the intro music. The battle music has got to go, though. Also, there should be different music during a boss encounter. Sound effects don't seem to be present.

Battle Issues (12/15)
Battles are fair, but occur to often. Monster variety is decent, considering the demo is rather short and only contains one dungeon.

Dungeon Design (2/10)
The one dungeon in this game is linear without exception. There should be branches which have treasures or dead ends or puzzles, or SOMETHING to spruce up the dungeon a bit.

Functionality/Design (7/10)
This game seems to be pretty much bug-free. There are few spells and items so far, but considering it's the first beta, that's fine. You also need to be able to re-enter the castle once you leave.

An early effort that has the potential to be great. Score: 72%

[Fallen Angels]

Story (28/40)
Fallen Angels has a pretty good premise, but I hope more is done with it. You are an Angel, who, as a result of an earthquake in Heaven, falls to Earth, and your quest is to look for other angels who have suffered the same fate. Unfortunately, like in so many other games, the townspeople don't say anything interesting. Hopefully, the dialogue will be spiced up for the next beta.

Graphics (7/10)
The default tilesets are used quite well. I wish there were more cool pics, though.

Music (10/15)
Fallen Angels has good music, especially the world map theme. I wish, however, that there was some battle music. At least one piece of music is from Final Fantasy Tactics. Choosing music from existing RPGs should be avoided.

Battle Issues (9/15)
The encounters are a bit too frequent and there is not enough monster variation. In the first cave, all you meet are goblins, save the skeleton boss. Battles are well-balanced, so long as you equip yourself properly before venturing forth.

Dungeon Design (4/10)
The dungeon in Fallen Angels is linear for the most part. There are a few treasures to keep things lively, though.

Functionality/Design (9/10)
This is probably the best part about Fallen Angels. This is especially apparent in the scene where the chemist is making the healing potion for you. The tiles change to reflect his progress in making the potion. Very nice.

Fallen Angels isn't bad. With a bit of improvement, especially on the dialogue and dungeons, this could be a winner. Score: 67%


Story (14/40)
Barnespa's story is nothing to write home about. To make things worse, tons of spelling errors mar the already poor dialogue. Every part of the story's presentation needs quite a bit of work.

Graphics (4/10)
The graphics are quite poor. Often, it's not apparent where the exits are. Worse yet, you have to press the action key when standing on the exit to leave.

Music (2/15)
Most of this game does not have music. What little music there is is crappy and mostly from the FF series.

Battle Issues (6/15)
Monster variation is decent, but mot battles are way too easy. The encounter rate is a bit high as well. Strangely, monsters pop up in towns.

Dungeon Design (2/10)
The linear dungeons make me sleepy...

Functionality/Design (5/10)
Barnespa has a few bugs. Switches are not used often, so some events happen when they're not suppose to.

Barnespa blows goats. Don't even bother with it. Score: 33%


If you see a game not listed here in the FAQ please contact me at nicholas@mint.net and i will add it in, if you see any questions you feel that should be answered then please e-mail me. Or if you see any wrong answers or something that did not work for you, then again e-mail me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope it has been resourceful for you.

Changes in Version .3
~Added a Reviews section. (Thank you RPG Advocate.)
~Changed the thank you section a tiny bit.

Changes in Version .2
~Added a Contacting section.
~Added a couple more questions to the FAQ Section.
~Added a couple missing games to the list.

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